Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ms Kelly Rowland Album Review-Saucy's Review

Ms.Kelly Rowland is back with a new album appropriately titled, "Ms Kelly." This album is Kelly's second album to date ever since Destiny's Child parted ways.Get the track listings below and listen to entire album HERE

Love-Another Love song titled Love. Really original
Better Without You-Like the lyrics,like the tempo and what she is doing with her voice
This is love-hmm.. Another love ballad?Wonder who she is talking about.
Like this-A hit and will be a favorite on the album
Still in Love With My EX-Have i already heard this song on this album?All the slow songs sound the same.
The Show-Tempo is too much like still In Love With EX and Tank adds nothing to the song
Every Thought Is You-*sigh*If i have to hear the same tempo again..
Flashback-Well,that's beter,something different.Everyone will be able to relate to this song
Work-Up-tempo, sounds like the beat used for rapper Nelly's...What is the name of that song?
Ghetto-Ms kelly Rowland doesn't use her voice to the fullest on this track.
Comeback-Will be a second favorite on the album.Guess what? " Come Back" is going to be Ms. Kelly's second single.

Overall not a bad album. After listening to the entire album, you will notice that only a few songs stand out:"Like This","Comeback," "Flashback's,"Work,"to name a few. The problem with Ms. Kelly's album is that there are too many slow ballads mixed with the occasional up-tempo songs.Sometimes the listener finds himself being drowned with slow ballad songs that all pretty much sound the same.Nevertheless,kudos to Ms.Kelly for trying to step out of the shadows of Beyonce....Destiny's Child.Kelly's album drops today July 3rd.

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Anonymous said...

you call that a review. you have nothing of value to say at all. it might be best that you leave the reviewing to the people who actually know what they are doing.


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