Friday, April 27, 2007

Rihanna's Umbrella music video-Saucy's Review

Brief Intro:Rihanna's Umbrella video is here and it is featuring Jay-Z. The single, "Umbrella," is the first on her third album,Good Girl Gone Bad.
Video Title:Umbrella
First thought that comes to mind:Well, i like this new hairstyle of hers.

Song review:"Under my Umbrella,ella,ella,eh,eh...." Well, as far as lyrics are concerned, the song is quiet simple. Nothing at all complicated about the lyrics. It comes across as the artist would like it to come across.Not at all one of my favorite songs of Rihanna's.It, however, has a catchy refrain:"under my umbrella,ella,ella, eh..."
Video Review:Uh,ok?Apparently videos are no longer about having content that relates to the song. There are sections of this video that relate to the song, but then it doesn't .Jay-z made an appearance in this video and then disappears-Not surprising-He is a busy man.
Overall Review:Overall not the best video she has made 3.5/5 hershey kisses.

I am loving reviewing videos. I may soon change this blog to Saucy's review. What do you think?
P.S:What do you feel about this rihanna umbrella remix featuring Lil Mama? Check it out below.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


First word that comes to mind:sweet
Song Review: The lyrics are not that much complicated. It suits the video so in my opinion it's a good song, not the best but still good. It's a song that you can move your head side to side with, but you're not going to be setting off the dance floor with this song.
Video: Again, good video. Simple yet captivating dance moves. Video goes along with the song so kudos to the director.
Rating:Overall a good video. For the love of chocolates,Mya looks like the sweet young girl we knew her to be a few years back. She has not changed much. Wow,she really looks the same!!!!!! This video gets a 3.95/5 Hershey kisses.

Intro:Today. i decided that i would leave you guys with a little poetry. A calming poetry for a hectic week. This is a beautiful poem by SWEETCAPPUCINO A.K.A CRYSTAL.GO CHECK OUT HER MYSPACE PAGE .... i WILL GIVE YOU HER MYSPACE PAGE ONCE SHE GIVES ME PERMISSION TO DO SO:)

It feels so good

From the beginning you captured my heart

After that I knew we would never part

You are my blanket from the cold

You have remained here as my journey unfolds

Always reassuring me with your soothing words

You and I together on our natural high can soar like the birds

It feels sooo good

Feeling you mentally caress my soul

If you were not a part of my life I wouldn't be whole

You uplift me, move me, shake me

I just push play and let you motivate me

When I feel as if the world will break me

I turn to you, Unlike with a person I have nothing to prove

I just clear my mind and feel the groove

Let the words penetrate my inner core

Allowing me to explore

A new mind frame, from what I felt before

It feels damn good

Feeling the words flow through my ears

down my spine....into my heart..blocking all tears

Motivating me to concur all fears

Never letting me down all these years

Placing you above no other lover

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown talks

Pic 1=Melanie Brown with her two girls, Iris and Phoenix;pic2=Melanie and baby Iris and ex-lover baby daddy(yes, i said it!) Eddie Murphy

Scary Spice aka melanie Brown has given birth to a baby girl named Angel Iris Murphy Brown. She claims that actor Eddie Murphy is the father although he vehemently denies that he is the father. Although the Ex-Spice girl was saddened by Eddie's sudden animosity towards her, she surprisingly still cares for him and says that "she will always love him." Ms. Brown claims that she is not at all humiliated by Eddie's refusal to accept that he is the father of her baby. Well, kudos to her for being strong. I,personally, have lost any respect that i had for Eddie Murphy. In a few years he has portrayed himself as somewhat of a womanizer. It all started with his divorce to ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy. There were speculations at the time that Eddie Murpy was having an affair with Singer Johnny Gill. Ever since then, Eddie has not been the same.Eddie, seek some help for i feel that you have a few issues to deal with. Live, love,and eat chocolates-

Monday, April 16, 2007

33 dead in Virginia Tech shooting

33 dead in Virginia Tech shooting. Unbelievable. How could someone have done this? The now deceased shooter has not been identified but it is now known that this was an asian male in his 20s. MY HEART GOES OUT to the famiy of the deceased and to the 15 that are injured. My theories are that this was a student who was under some pressures during this time of finals. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for what he did. I am baffled by this shooting and i am at loss for words. Shocking, right?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Beyonce's B-day video Anthology:Kitty Kat,Flaws and All,Frekum Dress,Irreplaceable(spanish version)-Saucy's review

Brief Intro:Well, Happy April fool's day. I felt like being a little foolish today so I decided that i would do a review on four of beyonce's newly released b-day anthology videos. To begin, i would like to say that i admire Beyonce-I think she is a talented young woman and I am inspired by someonee who isn't afraid to dream. I am, however, a bit overwhelmed by a slew of videos that we are all surely going to be seeing very soon once they are premiered on MTV or BET. I really do not see the need for six? extra videos on top of the other videos that were released for her album B-day. Well, that was her dream, iguess-to have six extra videos out. Can't hate her for dreaming. Onto the review....

Video:Kitty Kat

First word that comes into mind:Why?
Song review: Is this song supposed be a euphemism for something else? Is this song talking about a certain part of a woman's body?'No more gettin' it; I'm not feeling it?" Yes, i do believe so.
Video review: Not loving the video. Like the costume and the make-up, but that's about it.
Rating: In all I would give this video-2 hershey kisses.

Video:Frekum dress
First word: Finally!
Song review: Love the song and love the lyrics. The lyrics are simple yet inspiring to those of us who may sometimes need to put on our "freakum dress" to let our signicant other know what he will be missing out on if he should decide to "mis-behave".
Video review: Great video! Made perfect sense with the lyrics of the song. Chocorific!
Rating: 4 Hershey kisses

Video Title:Flaws and All
First word: Beautiful
Song review: love the lyrics to this song. This song deserves some radio time. Beautiful words, just beautiful. I love the lyrics to this song. Not much more i can say.
Video review: At first wasn't too impressed with the video- a little bit too boring but there is something very sweet about it. i love the song so..
Rating:4.5 hershey kisses

Here is song irreplaceable, the spanish version. I have provided you with the video. People,though i do not understand spanish, i can tell she is trying a bit too hard in this song. All the same,kudos to her for trying to appeal to another group of people.Live,Love,and Eat Chocolates.


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