Monday, July 02, 2007


First Thought:1 Thing part 2

Brief Intro:Gotta Work is Amerie's newest single off of her Because I Love It cd,her third album to date.

Video Review:Visually, Amerie is a site to behold.Her beauty coupled with some simple dance moves,and some sexy wardrobe makes for a visually enticing video. The video is somewhat reminicent of her 1 Thing video and so i have dubbed Gotta Work as 1 Thing part2. The video is mediocre at best,if you like looking at beautiful women strut in a video, then this is the video for you.

Gotta Work Lyrics

Song Review:I love the lyrics to this song. I am loving the message that Amerie wants to get across."Sometimes there's gonna pain like this...sometimes you gotta work hard for it." I think that we can all agree that vocally Amerie isn't as strong as say singer Beyonce,for example. Nevertheless her raspy voice in conjunction with some infectious beats usually makes for a good catchy song. I must say that i am not loving"Gotta Work" and it sounds too much like the go-go-beat-driven 1 Thing. 1 thing was a much better song and therefore Gotta Work falls short in my opinion.
Overall rating:3.5/5 Hershey kisses


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