Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eyecandy:79th Oscar

Here are some eyecandy from the Red carpet. beyonce looked good in her mint green dress(although she has looked better n other occasions). Cameron diaz and dicaprio looked exquisite as well. The crowd favorite however was penelope cruz in a peach dress. Sweetness!!!!!

I do not know how i feel about this look. i have seen her look better. She shouldn't have donned the jacket. She looked better without the jacket. All in all, she did win an oscar which is umprecedented for an ex-american idol contestant.

These were some of my least favorite looks. Outrageous looks!!!!!!! I cannot write anymore than that about these three individuals, whose names i will not mention in this post.

Well, my sweets, enjoy the rest of your day. And remember, live,love,and eat chocolates!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Foxy Brown Arrested

Well, Nicole Richie,Daughter of singer Lionel Richie, has been charged with DUI for driving under the influence last december. Truth be told, i am so tired of hearing about overly-priviledged individuals not being fully aware of how blessed they are. I hope she gets help for what apparently seems to be a drug-related problem. For sometime now Ms. Richie has denied having any eating disorders when it is appparent to the world that she does. I do pray and hope that she seeks help.

In other news,rapper Foxy Brown, has been arrested for causing commotion at a beauty supply store. Again, priviledged individuals!!!I have nothing more to say about this ill-tempered individual. Seek some help, Foxy Brown.

Well, it is friday. Hope that all is well with you all. Have a delightful weekend. Live,Love,and eat chocolates!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Chocolate Day!!!!!!!!

Myspace Valentine Day Icons

Happy valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!Hope your day is filled with lots of joy and lots of chocolates!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Anna nicole Smith Dead at 39-Not so sweet news

Well, it is true. Anna Nicole Smith, former playboy playmate of the year, is dead at the age of 39. The news came to us today that the model turned reality tv star was found unresponsive in Hollywood, Florida-the cause of her death is still unknown. Why just five months ago, her son Daniel smith, died in the Bahamas three days after she had given birth to her daughter.
The beautiful blond bombshell has certainly made a mark with us and will surely always be remembered. My condolescences go out to her family and friends. It is times like this that we should remember to not take anything or anyone in life for granted. May she rest in eternal peace. live,Love,and eat chocolates


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