Saturday, June 30, 2007

TMZ refers to Beyonce as a "Roboho",Paris Hilton Free,and others-Saucy's Week-end slide

-TMZ,a popular popculture website,did a review of the 2007 BET Awards and in reviewing the show, they couldn't find anything positive to say. If you were able to watch the BET Awards,then you know that there were some great moments. Well, TMZ did not see that and well they thought that Beyonce looked like a "Roboho, and that rapper Eve looked like a Streetwalker,and that while Robin Thicke did not "scare up and fashion alarms, he failed to become the first white artist to win a BET award." "Roboho?" Was that necessary? Honestly forget about the "Roboho" comment. May I remind TMZ that that was Beyonce's performance outfit? That wasn't the outfit she wore to the show! I must also add that Beyonce's performance was one of the best of the night. Honestly, i am disappointed in TMZ because now they have started an uproar. If you would like read more on this, then head over HERE and see why so many people are in an uproar.

-As you know,the BET Awards took place this week. Read all about it on this website.
-Paris Hilton was let out of prison this week and what she does she do when she first gets out? She does an interview with Larry King and lies her butt off. Read more HERE
-Diddy is caught once again without his wife,Kim Porter. Read more HERE
-Spice Girls are planning a reunion HERE
-Tameka Foster Pregnant-Read more on this website
-Isaiah Washington talks about being fired from Greys Anatomy(again)-Head over HERE
-And last and most shocking of all,Wrestler Chris Benoit goes on a killing spreeMSNBC

Friday, June 29, 2007

Jay Z's Lovechild:Is Jayz the father,the baby daddy?Does Jay Z have a son?- Konfections UnWrapped

So here goes: It's fun fridays at Saucy's Review and today i have chosen to "unwrap," unravel if you wish, this crazy story behind Jay Z and his alleged son and alleged baby's mother Shenelle Scott. So is Jay z the father of the five-year-old boy in mention? Is this Jay z's lovechild? How does Beyonce feel about all of this? Why so much confusion? In today's Saucy's Fun fridays segment, i will try to decipher and hopefully reveal the truth or at least i will come really close to revealing the truth.

So here are the key players in question: Ex-video vixen Shenelle Scott, Jay Z,and Five year-old boy Isa-Jael. Yes,people,the little boy resembles Jay z. Sniff, sniff,me nose smells something suspicious(that boy has jay Z's nose but wait...)

So who is this Ex-video vixen? Well, her name is Shenelle Scott, a Trinadadian who still lives in Trinidad. She has been linked to industry people such as Benny Boom,Nas,Jay Z, and she even dated Fizz from B2K. Shenelle has one son that we know of who was born in LA in 2002. Isa-Jael is the son in question, a cute five-year old boy. Shenelle is currently a 26 year-old video model and i assume an aspiring actress.

So how did the Jigga man meet video model Shenelle Scott? Well, if you have been following the story, they met because she used to be a video vixen. She starred in his Big Pimpin' video and they started humping around shortly after somewhere in 2000-2001. They then cut ties because the Jay Z started dating Beyonce in 2002.

So who is this guy pictured next to Jay Z's alleged son Isa-Jael? Well that would be Benny Boom, a video director who was once linked to video vixen Shenelle Scott. He has directed many artists' videos,Nas being one of them. Benny Boom has been linked to Video vixen Shenelle... So, could Benny Boom be the father of this little boy? Could be. The two do resemble each other.

So what is going on with this paternity circus race? Who is the father of young Isa- Jael? Well, magazine Hip-Hop Weekly would like us to know. Hip-hop Weekly claims that Jay z is in fact the father and therefore Isa-Jael is Jay Z's son. Yes, Hip-hop weekly did an exclusive interview with video model Shenelle Scott(after she was paid an undisclosed amount) in April of 2007. In the interview,it is said that Shenelle Scott was paid a nice sum by Jay Z to keep her mouth shut about Jay Z's alleged love child. To save yourself some money,listen to radio host Wendy William's reading the article out loud on her show. Get part 1 HERE and Part 2 ,HERE

So what does this mean for Jay z and Beyonce,hip-hop's most talked about couple?Well, apparently they are doing just fine. They have been taking vacations together and loving life, i presume. The picture of them kissing was taken just this June, about two weeks ago. So the rap King and his Queen are doing just fine. Sources also claim that if Jay Z does have a child, then Beyonce already knows about the situation. Afterall,Jay Z and Beyonce have been dating for five years now,since 2002. If the Jigga man conceived a child with video vixen Shenelle Scott,then it was way before Bayonce's a.k.a Bigga's time.

So what is the verdict? Is Jay z the father? Is Shenelle Scott Jay z's baby mama? Well, i hope you guys have been paying attention. This is what i have been able to decipher:
1) Jay z is the father and has known for sometime now and Beyonce already knows.
2)Jay z is the father, but only came to find out recently through a paternity test that he is the father and Beyonce knows.
3)Somebody else is the father(Benny Boom?) and this Ex? video vixen is out to get some money.
So which one do i think is true? Well, i always believe that there is always some truth to every rumor so i do believe that Jay z could be this little boy's father, but i think he probably wasn't too sure till now. Therefore,if he wasn't too sure then he could have denied all these years that Isa-Jael wasn't his. I predict that the video vixen is well aware of who her baby's father is and she is doing a great job of collecting paychecks from people who are dying to know. Think about it people, if Jay Z has a son,don't you think he would be flaunting his son all over? Why wouldn't the king want an heir to his throne? Be careful what you read. There is a story here but i really don't believe that Jay Z would deny his son. For what? For Beyonce? No,people.

I hope i have unraveled this very intricate story for you and now you can judge for yourselves as to who the father is.What do you think?

******Update Aug 4,2007:Jay Z says that is absolutely does not have a son. Listen to him speak on it here


Disclaimer:I do not claim to have any ownership of any of the pictures shown above. I am a blogger whose job is to bring the truth ,as i see it, to the people. Now, if you feel that any information on this page has been misconstrued, then please contact me and we will talk. Until then,Live,Love,and Eat Chocolates!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ashanti and Nelly Switch vs.Keri Hilson's High heels-Saucy's Throwdown

Song "Switch" is off of Ashanti's new album coming out this October. The song featuring Nelly is more or less talking about high heels and jeans and switching while walking in your highheels and jeans. Is Ashanti serious? Out of all the songs on the upcoming The Declaration album,this is the best song? No,Shanti.And Nelly really doesn't add much to the song. Listen for yourselves. You're either going to hate this song or love it. Maybe it is one of those songs that grow on you.
Listen to Switch HERE

Ms.Ashanti,if you wanted to do a song about high heels and such, then I think you could learn a thing or two from Keri Hilson's song "High heels."

What do you guys think about these two songs? Who threw it down?! Don't you just love Saucy's Throwndown Thursdays?

Tameka Foster is Pregnant with Usher's Baby-Pop Flavor

Tameka Foster,Usher's foster mom....fiancee, is pregnant with Usher's baby!Yes the pregnancy has been confirmed by the expecting couple in a statement made to yahoo:

"We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together," the couple said in a statement released to The Associated Press. "We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives."

So Usher is going to be a first-time daddy. This child will be Tameka Foster's fourth? Yes,fourth child.The baby is due in the fall, according to a representative for Usher.

A happy belated father's day to Usher Raymond!

Monique BET Awards Beyonce spoofs-Saucy's Throwdown

Bet Awards- Monique

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The BET Awards 2007 was just tuesday and host Monique did another Beyonce spoof. This time,however,she did it to Beyonce's Dejavu song. So which dance number was better?Mo'nique Crazy in Love or Mo'nique Dejavu? I know which one i prefer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rihanna Cute Curly BET AWARDS Hairstyle-Saucy's Eyecandy

Rihanna looked beautiful at the 2007 BET Award Show.Just Gorgeous with her curly hairstyle. She has been doing some fabulous things with her hair of late and i just wanted to point this look out because it is a little bit different from her other short hairstyles.


Here is a picture-slideshow from the Red Carpet, BET AWARDS Show Style.

Beyonce and Mo'nique did their thang
Mo'Nique and her big girl dancers did their thang with another Beyonce spoof

Fabulous did not do his thang. His "You Make Me Better"performance was average to say the least.
I now understand why Beyonce was front center at all times-Kelly isn't strong vocally.
Neyo did not do his thang with his "You Make Me Better" performance
Jennifer Holliday and Hudson performed "And I am telling you" for the opening act
Cici a.k.a. Ciara can dance but Can she perform live? Not so much
Don Cheadle won the humanitarian Award
Why,Chris Brown?What's going on?
Beyonce did her thang as usual.
Ludacris won for "Runaway Love"

Patti LaBelle wore a curtain dress and did a Tribute for Gerald Levert
What?Nelly and Ashanti are still together?
Erika Badu did her thang with her Diana Ross tribute

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BET AWARDS 2007 SHOW Highlights-Pop Flavor

Brief Intro -Jennifer Hudson performed a duet with Jennifer HoLLiday as the opening act and Jennifer Holiday out sang her with song "And I Am Telling You ." T.I apologized for acting uncouth earlier this week when he got into a fight with Ludacris' manager.The "Mistress of thickness" Mo'Nique did another Beyonce spoof as the second act-it wasn't like the first spoof she did but she did do her thang. All this and more. Check out the highlights of the BET AWARDS below.

Jennifer Holliday out sings Jennifer Hudson. Watch the video.

Fashion Highlights:
-Jodin Sparks looked lovely
-Queen latifah looked beautiful in her long white dress;she introduced Beyonce as the winner for "Irreplaceable." I wasn't feeling Beyonce's silver sequenced dress.
-Rihanna in her white dress with fur trimmings
-Mo'Nique in her red dress
-Toccara sans falling straps'
-Diana Ross looking good at 63 years old

The Not So Saucy Musical Highlights
Neyo performed "Because of you"
T.I "Big Things Poppin"
Fabulous featuring NeYo

Here's Neyo's Performance at the Bet Awards
The Sauciest Musical Performances
-The destiny Child reunion-Kelly Rowland performed "Like This" after Beyonce "Get me Bodied".Beyonce did her thang vocally,but Kely Rowland,not so much. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful reunion.
-Robin Thicke- "Lost Without You"
-Tribute to Gerald Levert(Yolanda Adams,Patti LaBelle,Glady's knight,and Eddie Levert)
-Tribute to Diana Ross(Erika Badu,Chaka Khan,Stevie wonder)
-Ciara's dance number-she is not the best live singer.
Beyonce,Kelly rowland,Michelle,and Solange performed
Funniest Highlights:
-Mo'nique's dance with the big girls
-Diddy lip singing to "Last Night" featuring Keyshia Cole
-Lil' Kim rappin'during Diddy's performance
-T-pain's Performance
-Patti LaBelle thinking she looked Fabulous with the flower curtain she was donning.
Here's the video of Diddy,Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim's performance

Winners:Beyonce-Best Female Album of the year
Gnarles Barkley-Best Group
Forest Whitaker -Best actor
Jennifer Hudson-Best Actress
T.I-Best Hip-Hop artist
Ludacris and Mary J Blige-Best Collaboration
Neyo-Best Male R&B artist
Jennifer Hudson- Best New Artist
Lil' Wayne and Birdman-Viewers Choice Awards
Beyonce-Best Female R&B artist

Garcelle Beauvais Playboy and Pregnancy Update-Pop Flavor

Well,some weeks ago I posted that Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has posed for Playboy and if you did not believe me,well here is the cover of the August edition of PlayBoy magazine.

Not bad for the forty-year old mom to be. Yes if you didn't know,Garcelle Beauvais is pregnant with twins! She and husband Michael Nilon are expecting twins. Here is a picture of her and her pregnant bump.

*update:If you want the uncensored pictures of Garcelle Beauvais naked and posing for Playboy then head to Think@wice

Paris Hilton is Out Of jail,Tiger Woods' baby Pictures-Pop Flavor

The heiress known as Paris Hilton is out of jail. Yes, she is out of jail after nearly three weeks and she is looking very different. I wonder how long this "I just got out of jail and I'm a changed person look" is going to last. She looks so carefree and so Mother Theresa in those pictures. Maybe she is a changed woman. Lindsay,it's your turn. Moving on...

Golf Legend Tiger Woods and Wife Elin gave birth to their first child,Sam Alexis. Sam Alexis was born on June 18th. She looks a little bit like Tiger Woods,right?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chris Brown Wall To Wall( entire Video and Lyrics)-Saucy's Review

First Thought:Michael Jackson Thriller part 2

Brief Intro:Wall to Wall is off of Chris Brown's sophomore album"Exclusive" due on August 28th.

Video Review:This video was definitely inspired by Michael Jackson's Thriller. Check out the beginning scenes and the red jacket that he is wearing. Remind you of any other video that you have seen? I am liking the video-i can tell that a lot of work was put into. Although this is not an original idea,the video is orignal and Chris Brown as always gives us some great dance moves-I love all of the matrix type moves.

Wall To Wall Lyrics

Song Review:I don't hear nothing but ladies calling
Im trynna get one of ballers
but they keep coming from wall to wall
They up in here
wall to wall
I don't hear nothing but ladies calling

Really catchy lyrics and great beat. This song will be a hit. The only thing that i am probably not a big fan of is the content of the song. Could we get another topic for a young man who appeals to thirteen-year-old girls?

Overall Rating:4.5 Hershey Kisses

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kelly Rowland's Interview with Wendy Williams-Da Comeback

Yes,Ms.Kelly Rowland was on the Wendy Williams experience. In the interview Kelly Rowland's talks about Matthew Knowles being her "daddy",her friendship with Beyonce Knowles,Serena Williams,and Brandy.And she says that she doesn't know soccer player Kieran Richardson who she has been rumored to be in a relationship with. Ms.Kelly had a lot of comebacks to Wendy William's most controversial questions. Listen to the interview HERE

speaking of Comebacks,listen to Kelly Rowland's song "Comeback" Below:

Friday, June 22, 2007

50 cent and Fergie holding hands,50 cent with a dildo,Cassie w/Pharrell-Saucy's Fun Fridays

Which picture doesn't look right? Pharrell and Cassie getting cozy together, 50 cent and the real Dutchess Fergie holding hands or 50 cent Holding a Dildo and liking it. Which one looks more suspicious. You decide,baby. It's Saucy's Fun Fridays!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rihanna Shut Up and Drive lyrics and video-Saucy's Review

First thought:wow,sexually explicit lyrics.
Brief Intro:Shut Up and Drive is Rihanna's second single of her Good Girl Gone Bad album.

Video Review: The video is fine for what the song is:a song filled with a whole lot of sexual innuendos. On that note, i can compare this video to Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat" video. Instead of a boat,Rihanna opted to use cars.

Shut Up and Drive Lyrics

Song Review: The song like i said,is filled with a whole lot of sexual innuendos
Can you handle the curves, can you run all the lights.
If you can baby boy, than we can go all night.
Cause it´s zero to sixty in three point five
Baby you got the keys.
Now shut up and drive, drive, drive.
Shut up and drive, drive, drive
Those were just a few lines from the song. If you want to get the rest,then read the lyrics above. I like that the beat is different:it has some rock-n-roll influences. However,this is still not my favorite song from the album. I love "Rehab."

Overall Rating:Overall a 3.5 Hershey Kisses

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

R Kelly and Usher Same Girl Video (watch it here)

The R Kelly Featuring Usher video premieres today on BET. You can watch it every hour on the hour on BET. I have already seen the video and let me tell you,you're going to love the ending. I wasn't at all expecting the ending to be what it is.

Update:You can watch the video below and let me know about what you think about it.


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