Tuesday, March 27, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Not so sweet-Anna Nicole's autopsy report indicates...

The autopsy report indicates that Ms. Anna Nicole Smith died of an overdosage of drugs. While not surprising to most of us, the alleged claim is that this death was accidental. Very tragic story indeed. Although I suspect foul play(I, mean , it is too much of a coincidence that her son also died few months before she, over some prescription drugs as well), authorities claim that there was no foul play. In the investigation it was found that She was on some anti-depressants, some steriods to preserve her shape, some pain killers to quell her pains from the many plastic surgeries that she had, diet pills, and some antii-aging drugs,to name a few. In all, nine prescription drugs were found in the autopsy report. All the drugs were enough to slow down her brain and cause respiratory arrest.

My god, such a tragic story. You know, even if there were foul play involved, one could never know. Why? This sort of lifestyle is what we have come to know of most celebrities who become overwhelmed by fame. My heart goes out to her daughter. This death could have been avoided.

One thing that i have learned from this is no matter what, we should all be grateful for what we have been given. You may think you need bigger boobs, but is it worth the complication that is surely to come later down the line? Why prevent wrinkles? Is anyone one going to forget that you are still 60 years of age? I have heard people say that "it hurts to be beautiful." Must we really die to be beautiful as well?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Star Jones brought her sexy back-so can you!

Let's face it: we see before we speak. What that means is this: when you first met your partner, something about him or her captured your attention. To you, he or she may not be the next Brad Pitt or Halle Berry but nevertheless, there was an attraction there when you both first met. Therefore, one of the key ingredients in building a lasting relationship is for you to maintain your "sexiness."

At times, we tend to loose our figures and sense of fashion when we have been in a relationship with someone for a long time. Break this cycle of comfort. Get your sexy back. Show your partner what he or she will be missing if the two of you should part...

Star Jones brough her sexy back. So can you. Now, I must admit that there are times when i feel that she looked better as a full-figured woman. Nevertheless, she is confident in her sexiness so who am I to say anything? And though we may all have our own opinions on her marriage, she is still married!!Isn't she?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sweet tip of the week: Weight loss tip

I love chocolates-i think we all know that by now. Well, so how do you keep off the weight if you are a chocolate lover as well as a lover of food? Diet?No Exercise? It certainly helps. What about good ol' H20? Yes, water!!!!!!! Whenever you get the urge to eat, drink some water. Try a bottle of water! Guaranteed that the urge will go away in no time. Now, i said urge not hunger. If you are hungry, by all means eat a healthful meal!!!!!!! sometimes we get the urge to snack-just replace that urge with some water and you will see the pounds drop in no time. Live, love, and eat chocolates-and drink some water,too!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Naomi Campbells' community service

Sweet Mother of Fudge! Well, model Naomi Campbell finished her five-day community service at the New York Sanitation department yesterday looking smashing as usual. Matter of fact, the supermodel has been looking chocolicious all week. The model who was ordered to do community service for hitting her ex-maid with a mobile phone has been looking decadent all week. She even wore a silver dress as her last outfit for the week.
On one hand i am totally disgusted that once again people with money can turn a serious situation into something of a farce. Let's face it, Naomi has a serious temper and she will probably never learn to control it. On the other hand, i just found out that she will be auctioning off the clothes that she wore and will donate the proceeds to the Nelson Mandela children's fund. Well, kudos to her for trying to turn bad into good. This woman is something else!!!!! Goes to show that when life gives you lemons, Just add some sugar!!!!! Live, Love,a nd eat chocolates-I know will!!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith was buried in Nassau, Bahamas yesterday March 2nd.

Why? Why won't they just let this lady rest in peace? Well, I for one have an idea why Anna Nicole's mother, "husband" and ex-boyfriend won't let her rest in peace. One word:Money!! Anna Nicole's Babygirl stands to inherit a lot of money and these three individuals would like to get their hands on that money. Howard K. Stern a.k.a the "husband": You are not the father and soon you will no longer have ties to Anna's money. Larry Birkhead a.k.a the "ex-boyfriend": You just may be the father but we all know that it is money that motives you to have custody of your daughter. "Momma Anna": Go back to Texas. Your daughter did not want you then and she does not want you in her life now.

I am so disgusted at these three individuals as one may perceive. Money is certainly the root of all evil and Anna Nicole smith's tragic story proves just how evil money is. I, for, one have seen money rip families apart and i advise everyone out there to never put money first in your life. Live,Love, and eat chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!


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