Tuesday, July 03, 2007

T.I Vs T.I.P Album Review-Saucy's Review

T.I vs T.I.P is rapper T.I's fifth studio album. Fifth?Yes,fifth. Listening to this latest album,one would not know that this is T.I's fifth album because for a veteran,T.I does not deliver as he should. After listening to all 16 tracks, I was disappointed to learn that there are about only two songs that carry a little weight:"Big Sh*t Poppin" and "You Know What It Is."

T.I. describes T.I vs T.I.P as being a "competition with himself" because there are no other artists that can compete with him-yes,T.I claims he is that good. Don't get me wrong,i like the concept of the album where an artist battles with his alter ego,but i was expecting so much from the self-proclaimed "King of the South." Is T.I doing anything lyrically,you ask? As usual, TI talks about money and how nobody has as much money as he does.How original. 50 cent along with so many other rappers make the same claims. T.I, I don't know what it is,but your Sh*t ain't poppin.


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