Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Akon Throws kid at Kfest concert;Dj Khaled We takin Over Review

Akon is in the news again and this time it is for throwing a kid in a crowd. Apparently Akon became upset after a young boy threw an object at the rapper. Akon became a bit mad and requested that his bodyguards get hold of the young boy. Once the singer got hold of the boy,he hurled him into an audience of cheering fans. Yes, he has done it again. Rapper Akon is in the news and is being investigated not for humping a girl on stage,but for hurling a boy into an audience. You can watch the clip below.

You can watch another angle Here.

Song Title:We Takin' Over featuring Dj Khaled,T.I,Rick Ross,Birdman,Lil Wayne,Fat Joe and of course Akon

First thought:Hip-hop Heavyweights

Video Review:Hot video. There's nothing more i can say:it is what it is.

Song Review: I love "We Takin Over", but like all songs with great beats,sometimes the great beat drowns out the not so great lyrics. Well, i listened to the song and i read the lyrics and i was sad to learn that as usual, our rappers have nothing better to talk about than cars,women also referred to as "hoes",jewelry and guns. When are we going to change,people? I swear, the best verse was Akon's. I mean what is happening with hip-hop music? Somebody give me an answer.
Overall Rating: Great beat,bad lyrics. I give it 3.5/5 Hershey kisses(the beat alone would get 4.5 Hershey Kisses.)

Akon,Akon. What can i say? I am sad because i like Akon. I think he adds a lot of flavor to the R&B and Hip-Hop scene,but he seems to always be in the news nowadays. Why,Akon? Lettin Money get to you? Remember how you suffered to get to where you 're at now? Don't ruin your reputation as a great artist to silly antics.


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