Thursday, June 07, 2007

Robin Givens' book, Grace Will Lead Me Home-Pop Flavor

Grace will Lead Me Home-Book cover
Robin with children Billy,7, and Buddy,13
Robin Givens with ex-husband Mike Tyson

Robin Givens, the beautiful actress who married boxer Mike Tyson, is back in the spotlight with a tell-all book called Grace Will Lead Me Home. In the autobiography, Robin talks about her tumultous relationship with her then-husband, Mike Tyson.

In her memoir "Grace Will Lead Me Home," Robin Givens talks about her abusive relationship with the heavyweight champion. In the book she writes:

I was awoken by a drunken Tyson who climbed on top of me...and grabbed me by my throat.” "He pinned my hands above my head . . . He pulled my pajama pants down . . . I begged him to stop as he undid his pants and began to shove himself in me.

Though Ms. Givens writes about these obviously disturbing accounts of her former relationship with Tyson, she claims that they are amicable and she still loves him. What? You can find out why she still loves Mike Tyson HERE. In the interview with Essence magazine, she also talks about how she hates the word gold digger,her rumored relationship with tank,her children, and her relationship with God.

Many people will probably wonder why Robin is now coming out with a book-it's been 20 years. Well, for one, Ms.Givens says that it is Oprah who convinced her to write a book. Oprah? wow. Well, I ,for one, am a little perplexed about Robin given and Mike Tyson's past relationship. I do believe that some abuse took place:that's quite obvious. Even if she were a gold digger,which she claims she is not(Robin Givens says that she didn't get a dime from the divorce settlement),I don't think any woman would want to let the world know she's been abused unless it were true.I just don't understand how they are still amicable and how she still oves him. HuH?


Forward to the last 2:51(two minutes and fifty-one seconds) to see Beyonce's dance steps

I am starting to wonder. Did Beyonce steal Johnnicolis' dance steps?


Quick's said...

B has got nothing on Johnnicolis. lol. He better do it! I expect to see him doing the choreography for the next Michelle Williams video.

Anonymous said...

I think Robin is saying she is cool with Mike so the public will stay off her back. I have always seen her as a gold digger because she is one. As for that book coming out now. She is simply digging again.

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