Tuesday, June 05, 2007

T-PAIN EPIPHANY AND RIHANNA GOOD GIRL GONE BAD-listen,get tracks and Saucy's Review

T-Pain and Rihanna's album both come out today. For T-pain, this will be his sophomore album and for Rihanna,her third. Both artists have been climbing the charts with Rihanna's Umbrella and T-pains Shawty Snappin single. Will their albums live up to the hype? Well listen for yourself. I have provided you with the full album track listings and songs for Ms. fenty as well Mr. Najim. If you love their albums, then by all means go and purchase them. Onto the reviews.

Rihanna Robyn Fenty:
Well, i said it once before and i will say it again."Rehab" is one of the best songs on the album. I could listen to that song over and over again. I think almost everyone would like this song(Beautiful lyrics and a great beat.) I also enjoyed listening to "Don't Stop The Music-maybe because it uses Micheal Jackson's Wanna be startin something beat. "Sell me candy isn't bad either(you know i love candy and sweets.) There is that Mad cobra "flex" sample titled "Say It". Finally, there's the Good Girl Gone Bad track which i found myself rocking to . All, in all a pretty good album. There's a lot pop,rock,and r&b fusion happening on this cd and it shows that the young Barbadian is trying to do something different with her music.

T-pain Faheem Najim
What can I say about T-pain that I haven't said before? He is definitely adding flavor to the R&B scene and I love his style.I don't,however,like the fact that he always talks about strippers,bars,and clubs.I must say that i do like a few tracks on his album, though. Who doesn't like Shawty Snappin(Buy You A Drank)? Well, i love that song and i like "Bartender" as well."Buy you a drink" from the "Bartender" and get you "Tipsy"(that's how you got your wife,Tpain?)I also like "Church." Faheem claims that his music is hard and b and Church let's us know exactly what hard and b is. Finally he has a song called "HIV," a very profound song which makes you think. The first question that you will ask yourself is "does T-pain have HIV?"I don't think you'll ever know the answer from the song alone.Regardless,the HIV track will give everyone food for thought:wrap-it up people!Overall not a bad cd.

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