Saturday, March 24, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Naomi Campbells' community service

Sweet Mother of Fudge! Well, model Naomi Campbell finished her five-day community service at the New York Sanitation department yesterday looking smashing as usual. Matter of fact, the supermodel has been looking chocolicious all week. The model who was ordered to do community service for hitting her ex-maid with a mobile phone has been looking decadent all week. She even wore a silver dress as her last outfit for the week.
On one hand i am totally disgusted that once again people with money can turn a serious situation into something of a farce. Let's face it, Naomi has a serious temper and she will probably never learn to control it. On the other hand, i just found out that she will be auctioning off the clothes that she wore and will donate the proceeds to the Nelson Mandela children's fund. Well, kudos to her for trying to turn bad into good. This woman is something else!!!!! Goes to show that when life gives you lemons, Just add some sugar!!!!! Live, Love,a nd eat chocolates-I know will!!!!

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