Saturday, March 03, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith was buried in Nassau, Bahamas yesterday March 2nd.

Why? Why won't they just let this lady rest in peace? Well, I for one have an idea why Anna Nicole's mother, "husband" and ex-boyfriend won't let her rest in peace. One word:Money!! Anna Nicole's Babygirl stands to inherit a lot of money and these three individuals would like to get their hands on that money. Howard K. Stern a.k.a the "husband": You are not the father and soon you will no longer have ties to Anna's money. Larry Birkhead a.k.a the "ex-boyfriend": You just may be the father but we all know that it is money that motives you to have custody of your daughter. "Momma Anna": Go back to Texas. Your daughter did not want you then and she does not want you in her life now.

I am so disgusted at these three individuals as one may perceive. Money is certainly the root of all evil and Anna Nicole smith's tragic story proves just how evil money is. I, for, one have seen money rip families apart and i advise everyone out there to never put money first in your life. Live,Love, and eat chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!


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