Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eyecandy:79th Oscar

Here are some eyecandy from the Red carpet. beyonce looked good in her mint green dress(although she has looked better n other occasions). Cameron diaz and dicaprio looked exquisite as well. The crowd favorite however was penelope cruz in a peach dress. Sweetness!!!!!

I do not know how i feel about this look. i have seen her look better. She shouldn't have donned the jacket. She looked better without the jacket. All in all, she did win an oscar which is umprecedented for an ex-american idol contestant.

These were some of my least favorite looks. Outrageous looks!!!!!!! I cannot write anymore than that about these three individuals, whose names i will not mention in this post.

Well, my sweets, enjoy the rest of your day. And remember, live,love,and eat chocolates!!!!!!!!!


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