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It all started with THIS POST,when i made mention that Karrine "Superhead"Steffans is engaged. Many of you have been e-mailing me wondering who this Karrine Steffans is. "Who is she,saucy?" and what is this book the "Vixen Diaries?" Well, Karrine Steffans is an ex-video vixen turned author who has chronicled her life as a vixen in the entertainment industry. Her first book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" was a New York Times best seller. The book spoke of her many conquests in the entertainment industry;she specifically spoke about having an affair with Shaquille O'neal,Jay-Z,Nas,among many others. I use the word "Vixen" very lightly. Karrine Steffans has been called a lot of names,none of them i can mention on my site. To get to know a little bit about Ms. Steffans,I have found an excerpt in her latest book Vixen Diaries in which she meets a man by the name of Norwood Young.

Vixen Diaries Excerpts Chapter one:

Karrine on meeting Norwood Young and learning that the two are male and female mirrors of each other:

Norwood and I met on February 22, 2006 on the red carpet for the premier of a little-known film called Seat Filler, starring Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, and Duane Martin, known from the CW series All of Us. I guess we didn’t actually meet, but we exchanged glances, as if to say, I see you, you see me, and we’re both hot! Three days later I ran into him again at the GM brunch the morning of the NAACP Image Awards, then later that evening on the red carpet of the Awards. During the brunch we made our first formal introduction with the help of our mutual friends, columnist Jawn Murray and comedian Kim Whitley.

“Karrine, have you met Norwood?” Jawn asked.

“You guys don’t know each other?” Kim added.

“No, but I think it’s about time we do. I have seen you everywhere!” I replied, offering him my hand.

“Yes, I keep bumping into you. I’m Norwood.”

“I’m Karrine. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally and officially.” By the end of the brunch, he and I had exchanged numbers, which led us to that first night out together at Katana.

It wasn’t long before Norwood’s story began pouring out of him, and his truths began to sound strangely familiar. There were many things said at that Katana dinner that I just cannot repeat. As Norwood said, the things he could write a book about would kill his mother, and I don’t want to be the one to send Miss Betty over the edge.

What I will say is this: I learned that my story is the story of many women and men alike. Sexual abuse is the hidden secret of many people. Those who were abused as children often grow up with greatly damaged self-esteem coupled with a warped view of sexuality—and many of them get the idea that becoming rich and famous will make all that childhood pain disappear. Perhaps it is not surprising that promiscuity, homosexuality, and just plain sexual confusion runs rampant in Hollywood. Young girls come here hoping to “make it”—and so do young gay men. Who Norwood has slept with and what he has done with them does not amaze me, because we are male and female mirrors, two sides of the same coin. From our lists of liaisons and indecent proposals to the secrets and lies we keep hidden on behalf of those we love, this man and I are twins. However, his stories would not only kill his mother, they would send shock waves through the entire entertainment industry.


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