Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sarah Connor and Ne-yo Sexual Healing(listen,get video and lyics)-Saucy's Review

Brief Intro: Sarah Connor is a German Pop singer whose birthday is this very day! She turns 27 ?today(i think somebody made an error with the age.She looks at least 33.)Her new album Soulicious from which this song,"Sexual Healing" originates,features R&B singer Ne-yo. To read more on Sarah's biography, go to AskMen. You can get the lyrics below(but do you really need the lyrics?This is a re-make of a Marvin Gaye classic.)

First Thought:Sexual Chocolate!
Video Review:Who is that guy in the video?Yummy!Would Marvin Gaye have approved of the graphic nature of this video?It is a sexual video,but it suits the song perfectly well.

Song Review:I don't think any of us need the lyrics to sexual healing. I did like that this song was done as a duet.Neyo's voice comes in strong,Sarah Connor,not so much. She pulls in at the end,though.

Overall Rating:I prefer Marvin Gaye's sexual healing but the duet gets 4 Hershey kisses

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