Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remy Ma -"Weatherman"

Remy Ma has a new video out titled "Weatherman." The video is pretty graphic and so i will just link it(click on link below). In the video Remy Ma is obviously dissin' someone. Who? My guess is "Make It Rain" frontman Fat Joe. Wow, Remy, Fat Joe messed you up like that?

In an interview with MissJones of Hot 97, Remy Ma spoke about her split with Terror Squad and Fat Joe saying that there were "monetary problems." Before she could split from her labelmates,however,Remy had to sign a contract saying that she couldn't work/rap with any of the G-unit members, especially Curtis 50 cent.

"'I don't want you to sign with 50 Cent. You can't do a song with him. You can't record with Olivia, with Mobb Deep.' I can't even have a song produced by Havoc," Remy says of the agreement. "All these dudes - their government names are in my release contract that I can not work with them, from Sha Money to Whoo Kid. I could show you the paperwork where it says 'Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.'"

What's all this beef for, people? Here's the video in full. Warning: Violent scenes and inappropriate language. Once you get to you tube,enter "Remy Ma Weatherman."

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