Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rihanna featuring Chris Brown-Cinderella(Umbrella remix)

Listen to Rihanna umbrella remix featuring Jay Z and Chris Brown

"It's the remix!" Under my Umbrella,ella ,ella,eh is back(not that it went anywhere)Rihanna's Umbrella has a remix called "Cinderella." You can listen to and get the lyrics to the song here. Like it? Personally, I was getting a little bit tired of "Umbrella." Now the remix? Chris Brown's version is cute,though. How old is Chris Brown? Too young for Rihanna right? Do you think they would make a good couple?Hey, Chris forget about Ciara!What about Rihanna? She can be your Cinderella ella,elle,eh,eh....

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Norell Alesse said...

It's funny because I think Chris and Rihanna are the same age. She's not old at all, only 18 I think, same age as Chris.


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