Saturday, June 09, 2007


-Ms. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has some photos coming out in August and boy are they some risky photos. Yes,Beauvais has posed for Playboy-i guess it had to happen sooner or later,right? If it's not a sex tape then sooner or later our favorite starlettes end up posing naked in either Playboy,Maxim and others. You all probably remember Garcelle Beauvais from the hit t.v show,The Jamie Foxx show. Well, she is back with a vengeance. Get an update on Garcelle and see her playboy cover on this website. Just click on label "Garcelle Beauvais Nilon"

*Head over to HERE to see naked pictures of gabrielle.

-So by now everyone knows about the Paris Hilton saga. For those of you who have been in space all this time, here goes:she checked herself into the LA correctional facility on sunday night after she attended the MTV awards.On thursday she was released on house arrest for reasons undisclosed(apparently she has a serious "medical condition" that we are unaware of...)She was then asked to come into court the next day because the judge just wasn't going to let her have her way. Finally on friday sometime in the afternoon,the judge asked Paris to go back to jail. So there you go. The saga continues and Paris is back in jail and her lawyer will appeal no doubt.To read more,go to TMZ.

-So why is comedien Tracy Morgan wearing an anklet bracelet resembling the one that Paris Hilton wore for her house arrest? Well, because Mr.Morgan has been arrested for DUI too many times and he finally had to plea with the court:it was this alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet or the prison cell. Find out more about this bracelet at TMZ.

-So you didn't know that this week Akon threw a kid in the audience? Well,he did. You can check all that out on this website.

- Isaiah Washington was fired from his job at Grey's Anatomy. Poor guy and he did all that work to keep his job. Read more about it MUSICGOSSIPMORE

-Yep,Nicole Richie is pregnant.Let's look at it this way:it's a chance for her to gain some good weight. Read more at THEQUICKCATCHUP

So that's all folks. If i didn't post any links for the other happenings that occurred this week then they just weren't that important. Except... Did you see the picture of Jasmine Guy? What happened? Old age isn't looking too good on you and you're only 43 years old!


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