Saturday, June 16, 2007

Britney opens wide,Jay z and Beyonce Love Boat and others-Saucy's Week-end Review

-Once again,nothing much happened in Hollywood this week,except the usual. For example,Brtiney Spears opened her legs wide enough for the stalkerazzi to get a pic of her pink underwear(whatelse is new?)
-Beyonce and Jay Z are on vacation and are having some really candid moments together.AWWW,they make me want to be in love with love.
-Cameron Diaz and her Ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake met at a Shrek premiere and pretended to be cordial to one another(whatever)
-Nicole Richie is eating again and has everyone wondering if just maybe the pregnancy rumors are true(because then she wouldn't be eating,duh?!)
-Everyone wants to hear Akon's "Apology" song

-Timberland got arrested in Germany for beating up somebody(o,boy)Read more HERE

As for the rest of the stories,you can read about them all on this site.

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