Friday, June 15, 2007


Akon Sorry Blame It On Me lyrics are below as per requests. If you find that there are any corrections for Akon's Sorry Blame It On Me song, then let me know. I tried to be as accurate as possible as this was my first time providing lyrics for a song-it was in such high demand that i took the time to put it together.

I see why these lyrics were in such high demand:Akon is somethingelse. Well, there are three stanzas in this song. The first stanza is dedicated to his girlfriend(s) or wives? The second one,his mother. And the third one is dedicated to the public. Think I'm joking? Check out this line from the third stanza. In response to all the controversies, Akon says:

"I'm just a singer tryin' to entertain. Because I love my fans,I'll take the blame eventhough the blame is on you,I'll take the blame from you."

Get the rest of the lyrics below.

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Here is the song.
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