Tuesday, May 22, 2007

T.I. Big Things Poppin(T.I vs.T.I.P)-Saucy's Review

Brief Intro:T.I a.k.a T.I.P's new song Big Things Poppin is off his upcoming T.I. vs T.I.P album, which features a slew of artists such as Eminem,Timbaland,Wyclef,to name a few.According to rapper T.I., this album will give us insight into the man we all know as T.I and the man his friends know as T.I.P. Yes, it is the battle of the alter egos? Who will win? That remains to be seen. But since T.I. seems to be a little confused, i will help him decide who he really is.Check out the slide show below.

Bad boy T.I.P looses this round!Winner is T.I.!

First thought about the video: Is that you,T.I.P?

Video review:I like this video for what it is. It's a fun video which expreses the artist's thoughts clearly but without having to have a bunch of naked girls running around.

Song Review: The song has a hype beat which is what ultimately captivates the listeners. As far as the lyrics are concerned, he is not really saying anything that he hasn't said before. The concept is that T.I. is King and he will express that in every album he makes. And though this will be his fifth album to date, we havn't really heard any new concepts from rapper T.I. T.I, we need new material baby. I am loving the beat to this song and the ryhthm as well,but i need some new material,baby.

Overall Rating: Definitely a song to bounce to. Overall good beat,mediocre lyrics- 4 hershey Kisses

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