Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oprah's Dad Plan's to Publish a tell-all book-Pop Flavor

Oprah is shocked and disappointed to find that her father has indeed written a tell-all book about her.

Oprah Winfrey's Dad, Vernon Winfrey,has wriiten a book entitled "Things Unspoken." "She has secrets....and made herself known to boys," Vernon writes. The book gossips about Oprah as a child living with her mother in Milwaukee and though Oprah only visited her estranged father from time to time, he seems to know enough about his "unruly child" to have written this memoir about her. "Things Unspoken" is not in bookstores but it is currently being "shopped around." A damn shame.

I,for one, did not know that Oprah's father was still alive. Apparenttly the 74-year old man is alive and well. It is such a tradgedy for me to see that a father can gossip so openly about his daughter and for what? Some money? Some fame? A darn shame indeed. Oprah has accomplished so much and you would think that her dad would be proud.This book, if published,will certainly not make it to Oprah's book club list


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