Sunday, May 06, 2007

POP FLAVOR-Paris Hilton Goes To Jail

Paris Hilton the Hilton Heiress has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving without a valid license,and for violating her probation for a previous traffic offense. Well, it was bound to happen some time people. This is semi-sweet news to me for i feel that it's time that she gets a wake up call. By the looks of those pictures, she has gotten a serious dose of reality.Read more at MSNBC Moving on....

Spoiled rotten indeed. It is sad to see that in this day and age ,when there are so many world issues to contend with, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears seem to be the focus of everyone's attention. Do not get me wrong, I, like everyone else, am fascinated by these two talent-less individuals. I apologize to all Britney fans who thought she would be the next Mariah Carey. As for Paris Hilton-well, enough said. What talent of hers can i speak about? Hmmm... She is surely talented in marketing herself(thought i would say something nasty, huh?) Yes, Paris Hilton and Britney spears are fascinating individuals, as fascinating as a rainbow in the sky. They are two wealthy individuals who do not see how very blessed they are. They are spoiled and so sometimes find themselves in deep waters, like all spoiled celebrities usually do. I predict that like the rainbow, they will soon fade away with time.Live,Love,and eat Chocolates


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