Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sweet Thanksgiving

Well, I HOPE THAT EVERYONE HAD A PLEASANT THANKSGIVING! I, for one, ate too much!!!! In fact, I gained a good five pounds over the weekend. Thus it is time for me to take a step back and re-evaluate my eating plans. I believe that one should be able to enjoy whatever it is that she/he wants to enjoy, just in moderation. Therefore, i need to take some of this weight off before Christmas rolls by.
Today i would like to give alternatives as to how to create a healthy lifestyle. As much as i love chocolates, i am all for eating in moderation. Today i will give you a salad recipe of mine that i find to be delicious and fulfilling .Enjoy

4 cups full of lettuce
some onions(the more the merrier)
Tomatoes(the more the merrier)
olives(as many as you want)
1 can of tuna
Your favorite dressing(i prefer french or caesar)

Of all the foods that i had this past weekend, the desserts were my favorite, of course!!! Sweet potatoe pies and more sweet potatoe pies. HMMMM...So tasty!!!! What was yours?!!!


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