Monday, November 20, 2006

POP FLAVOR-sweet kandy katie Holmes!!!

The couple got married on Saturday November18th in Rome, Italy.

Tomkat got married this weekend! Sweet!Why again is America obsessed with this couple? Why did I hear about them every time i turned on the television this past weekend? Why is America Obessed with Tomkat? Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, to be exact. Well, I will never know why America obsesses over these two, but I do know that Mrs. Cruise looks very sweet in that wedding dress. I must say that Tom Cruise doesn't look bad himself. Sweet Kandy Kate!!!

Well, it is Monday and Thanksgiving is approaching!!!!! I am very excited indeed. Yet another day for me to eat all my favorite dishes in one day. I am looking forward to dessert, of course. Must haves are Sweet potatoe pies, pumpkin pies and perhaps a fudge chocolate brownie. Sounds tasty!!!! live, Love, and eat chocolates.

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