Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Most of you still remember Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise. The rapper who has missing from the music industry for over a decade now has a new reality show called Cooking with Coolio:

What do you cook? I've taken a lot of traditional black recipes and made them healthy—taking the cholesterol out, taking the butter out. I also do fusion: Mex-Italian, Blasian [black Asian], Ghitalian [ghetto Italian].

What's your best dish?
Everything I cook is good.

What makes your show different from all the others?
We use foods that poor people can afford. I'll take a chicken outta Compton and make it taste better than Foster Farms. I'll take a cow from Brooklyn and you can go get some Kobe beef and mine will taste better.

What's with all the show references to Shaka Zulu? I say Shaka Zulu because I've got a bad habit of saying motherf---er. So instead of saying s--t or f--k, now I say, Shaka!

Who's your main competitor?
I like Rachel Ray. I like Bobby Flay. I like all them cats. But they are not the Gourmet Ghetto, baby. My motto is, I cook better than your Shaka Zulu mama. And I wash my hands a lot.

So, Coolio: rapper turned culinary connoisseur?
Yeah. We're gonna transfer this to frozen foods, to restaurants. I'm going all the way.

Are you making a profit?Coolio do not work for free, let me just say that. Coolio got six children, and Coolio likes nice things. And Coolio likes voluptuous women.

Watch Cooking with CoolioHERE

R&B singer Mario is one of the celebrities that will be on the premiere of Dancing With the Stars on March 17th. This is what the R&B sensation had to say:

"This is definitely something new for me. It's exciting. Every time I watch the show, I'm amazed how honest and real everyone is."

Check your local listings for time.

R Kelly is still romping with young girls.
Via Eur Web:
Maxine Daniels, the 21-year-old woman at the center of R. Kelly's latest sex scandal, has taken her story to the Chicago Sun-Times in an attempt to defend herself and her parents against accusations leveled in a press release issued Monday by Kelly's camp.



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