Wednesday, January 09, 2008


February 2008 cover of Harper’s Bazaar


On not having to tell the world she’s pregnant: “I kind of feel like everybody knew anyway. I was on tour with a bubble gut!”

On the public’s fascination with her pregnancy: “I do realize people want to know because they’re interested, but this is the first time I’m going through this. This is my experience and my husband’s experience, and we get to hold that for a little while. We’re just getting used to the fact that we’ve told everybody.”

On her privacy: “I’m just feeling too protective to open that door right now. It’s a Pandora’s box. It’s a destructive lifestyle to be out there. I know because I’ve lived it. Being on the cover of the tabloids every day for two years - it’s hard. You start forgetting who you really are inside.”

On her husband: “Marc [Anthony] is a really private person, and he’s been singing onstage since he was really young. He made me realize you can be an artist, and have credibility and success, without your life being on public display 24 hours a day.”

On taking time off after giving birth: “I don’t know - and I like that, because my life has been so planned for so many years. Once I did the tour, I really just wanted to shut it down, and since then I’ve had to do three things, including a video. It may not sound like a lot, but you know, as this point, any woman can sympathize. It is a lot. I was ready just to sit.”


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