Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ladies in red:Solange Knowles' 21st Birthday Party-Pop Flavor

Uhmmm.. clown lips are in? The Knowles family love donning red lipstick. But why?

These candids come courtesy of Solange Knowles' 21st birthday party in New Orleans where she celebrated her second birthday bash with a bang. The ladies look good,don't get me wrong. I am just not in favor of bright red lipstick. I think they were going for old Hollywood glamour but why don't we just leave that look for old Hollywood. Ok,ladies? You did good this time,Beyonce.

Not so good here....Moving on to the Birthday celebration

Television personality Toccara.......Sorry i am a little distracted. Big Ballons and Clown lips,just as a birthday party should be!!! yeaaaaaaaahh!

Happy Birthday to Solange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say Cheese! Well,out the door goes the Beyonce Pregnancy rumors.I knew she wasn't pregnant. She is just in love people that's why she has that "glow." Enjoy the bubbly,Bee!

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