Friday, July 06, 2007

Keyshia Cole Let It Go(Kim Porter and Diddy edition)-FunFridays

Keyshia Cole has a new single called Let It Go. The song is featuring rappers Missy Elliott and Lil'Kim. At first, i wasn't sure if I liked the song,but it has grown on me. The song inspired me so much that it made me think of Kim Porter and all her troubles with her cheating boyfriend P.Diddy. Well,as you all know,Kim Porter has decided to Let Diddy Go yet again. Let's hope this time he is really "Let Go!" Watch the video above and listen to Keyshia Cole's new song Let It Go. It's fun fridays,baby!

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Anonymous said...

That that inspired me to let go. THANK YOU. Rather be alone than played out time after time. Stay strong!!


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