Friday, July 13, 2007


It all started with this picture right here of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush kissing. I must admit that i became a little bit upset and perplexed and wanted to know why every man in Hollywood wanted to be KIMKUMFIED. Let me refresh your memory(check out post Kim and Reggie Bush Kissing)

So now Ms. Kim Kardashian after reading many gossip websites and realizing that she was being referred to as Kim HOdashian and other demeaning terms told media guru BOSSIP that she didn't like that she was being misrepresented(specifically by Bossip). She says that "She is not a Ho" and doesn't understand why Bossip makes her out to be one. She says that after her marriage she only dated Ray J and Nick Cannon(source:Bossip)I personally do not like the term "HO" myself,but Kim let us find out why you are made out to be one to the worldwide web. So IS KIM KARDASHIAN MISREPRESENTED?Let's begin to unwrap this mystery.

Kim first came into the game when her sex tape with Brandy's brother Ray J "leaked" to the worldwide web(mind you they both got paid a hefty sum for the tape) So let's say that it "leaked" onto the web:it has happened to the best of us of whom have made porn tapes.

Then she dated Nick Cannon....

Then she frolicked with Reggie Bush,but they claim that they are just friends because friends just kiss and have sex.

Then she frolicked some more with the youngest of the Gastineu girls while rapper Fabolous waited patiently for his turn

Why-o- Why is this beautiful young lady being misrepresented by all of these media sources? Why?

Then there was the Game,but she says again that they are just friends. But Remember Reggie Bush? She is also just friends with Reggie Bush

Then there is Evan "Micheal Jackson" Ross,but she says that would be like dating her brother. hmmmmm. Yeah,guys. She wouldn't date someone who is like a brother to her. C'mon! Kim i have an idea. Make Evan your friend instead of your brother.

So IS KIM KARDASHIAN BEING MISREPRESENTED? ME thinks NOT!!!!!! Go, Kim! Do your thang!


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