Monday, June 18, 2007

Timbaland The Way I Are ft Keri Hilson(listen and get Lyrics)-Saucy's Review

First Thought:The guy in the cream suit looks just like Timbaland!

Brief Intro: The Way I Are is off of Timbaland's new album Timbalnd Presents Shock Value .The song features labelmates rapper D.O.E,singer/writer Keri Hilson,and Timbo's brother Sebastian(so the guy in the cream suit is Timbo's brother!)

Video Review:Not much to review about the video because apparently,the video director wasn't at all inspired to direct. Soccer players? What does that have to do with this song?

Timbaland Lyrics

Song Review:"I like you just the way you are." Love the song and lyrics. Great Timbo beat;my only probelm is that nowadays, a lot of Timbalands beats are sounding recycled. The beat to this song sounds like a Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" remix.

Overall Rating:4 Hershey Kisses


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