Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indian guy gets caught cheating-Saucy's WTF?!

Hilarious. Did I say hilarious?! You are going to want to listen to this and you are going to want to e-mail it to all your friends. So here is the set up: An Indian guy gets caught cheating on his wife,live on the radio.How does he get caught?Over some Beyonce tickets! I don't want to spoil it for you because trust me:you're going to laugh your "buddha" off!
click here to listen toBuddha call or watch/listen to it below.

Thanks for first posting this and thanks especially to kissfm.

-I was going to post this for Saucy's Fun Fridays,but i couldn't wait!


HotSauce!! said...

I'm freaking crying from laughing so hard!!!

Might have to blog-jack this!!

Refinedone said...

...I this real or are they actors?

SaucyKonfections a.k.a saucy said...

This is for real!


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