Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ashanti and Nelly Switch vs.Keri Hilson's High heels-Saucy's Throwdown

Song "Switch" is off of Ashanti's new album coming out this October. The song featuring Nelly is more or less talking about high heels and jeans and switching while walking in your highheels and jeans. Is Ashanti serious? Out of all the songs on the upcoming The Declaration album,this is the best song? No,Shanti.And Nelly really doesn't add much to the song. Listen for yourselves. You're either going to hate this song or love it. Maybe it is one of those songs that grow on you.
Listen to Switch HERE

Ms.Ashanti,if you wanted to do a song about high heels and such, then I think you could learn a thing or two from Keri Hilson's song "High heels."

What do you guys think about these two songs? Who threw it down?! Don't you just love Saucy's Throwndown Thursdays?


Melody said...

This Keri Hilson, whoever she is, (Kelly Rowland knock off) has a nice voice, but that song is ain't hittin' on nothing. Now the Ashanti and Nelly song is a serious banger whether or not you like the lyrics. I can see a serious video coming from that song.

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