Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie O'donell vs Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Eve's Tambourine video,Rihanna's newer Haircut!-Saucy's Fun fridays

Wow,Rihanna has yet again another haircut!Wow, the songstress has been rocking a few edgier hairstyles this year. Looks like the asymetrical bob is out and now we have a new,shorter bob. Wow, Rihanna this is your year for change, Isn't it? Her music has become more edgy and so has her hair. You like her new do? Leave some comments and let me know which hair-do i should feature in my Saucy's EyeCandy of the month!

Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are at it again,fighting shamlessly on The View.The fight started last week when the two women had a debate about United States' invasion in Iraq.Rosie pointed out that so many Iraqis have died and for what reason?The debate continued on May 23rd.Watch the video with the two going at it.
It is obvious to any person who watches the video that both Rosie O'donell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck have it out for each other.The catfight has taken on a personal tone with Rosie O'donell saying that she is critized because she is a "fat lesbian" and that Elizabeth is the "innocent christian." As serious as the topic is(the war in Iraq is indeed serious),i am amused that these two individuals are unable to put their personal feelings aside and realize that poor innocent lives are being taken away.Well,Rosie will be leaving The View soon so maybe all this nonsense will stop.Watch the video and have a laugh or two while you are at it.

Well,Eve's Tambourine video is here and it is featuring Swizz beats.I will not be reviewing this video;it's a fun video,but there is nothing more i can say than that.I feel that she has had better songs.Have fun watching the video and here are the lyrics to this first single off her upcoming album:

This song has a good beat.It's too bad that Eve has no rhythm what so ever.She used to be a stripper?


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