Wednesday, May 30, 2007

R Kelly Double Up cd-Saucy's Review

R "kinky" Kelly's new cd Double Up is here and it is featuring a slew of freaky artists such as T-pain,Usher,Snoop Doggy Dog, to name a few. Wow, expect this album to be extra freaky.Double Upis sexed up, as is expected-what is an R Kelly song without the mentioning of "sex", "freaky", or "club?" Yes, an R-kelly cd wouldn't be one without all of these terms mentioned at least once. Don't forget that there has to be at least one "halleujah"track on every one of his cds. Well, this new album is no different. Double Up indeed has one "I believe I can fly" song. It just so happens to be called "Rise Up."
Here are the songs on Double Up:
"The Champ"
"Double Up"
"Tryin' To Get A Number"
"Get Dirty"
"Leave Your Name"
"Freaky In The Club"
"The Zoo"
"I'm A Flirt Remix"
"Same Girl"
"Real Talk"
"Hook It Up"
"Rock Star"
"Best Friend"
"Sweet Tooth"
"Havin' A Baby"
"Sex Planet"
"Rise Up"

OK, so let's see. After checking out the listing here and without having to hear the cd, One can assume that R-kelly is "The Champ" who has "Doubled Up" with some girls and he likes to "Get Dirty" and like a true "Rock Star "gets numbers" and likes to get "Freaky in the Club" or in the "Zoo". My god, what "Sex Planet" does this guy live on? Sure, one could expect no less from the "R." But c'mon. How many years has he been in the business? This is his eighth studio solo album! We need new material Kinky Kelly! I cannot write anymore: trying to keep this website PG. I have provided you with some R-Kelly tracks. Listen and be moved by sexed up lyrics and double entendrees. Is it any wonder that he was hit with a child pornography case not too long ago? Check out the "I'm a flirt" video below:

I have to admit: I do like the I'mma Flirt song. Who doesn't like an Rkelly song? My mama likes at least one song! It so happens that she likes "I believe I can fly. No surprise there. Rkelly caters to the grandmother's, the freaks and everyone in between!

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