Wednesday, May 02, 2007

LIL Mama Lip Gloss Music Video-Saucy's Review

Brief Bio:17-Year Niatia Kirkland grew up between Brooklyn's East New York Section And Harlem. The self-proclaimed "Voice of the young People" makes her debut with first song titled "Lip Gloss." Lil Mama as we have all come to know her is a rapper at heart but claims to have the ability to sing, dance and write her own material.To learn more about Lil mama, check out her biography at
First word that comes to mind:cute
Video review:I must say that I like the video.It is a fun video and very much appropriate for her audience who i assume wil be mostly teenage boys and girls. I am happy that there is an artists who is aware of who she is selling to.
Song Review: "Everybody's talking about the same things on the radio-murder, sex and drugs," says Mama. "They have people behind them telling them it's cool and I disagree. There are so many more people struggling and going through so much and to hear somebody brag about the jewelry and stuff like that, it's overrated."-Lil Mama

Well said, Lil Mama. I would agree that lil mama lip gloss lyrics aren't at all sophisticated or complicated-and that is okay in this instance. With lines such as,"My lip gloss is poppin," I don't expect her to win the best writer's award. Nevertheless,this songtress/rapper says that she is the voice of the people so again the lyrics are appropriate.
Rating:Overall a good song for a young audience. 4.5 Hershey Kisses

I hope that in the future Lil mama is able to talk about something other than lip gloss(perhaps she could talk about education, global warming, et cetra). The youth today need to find their voice in the market and i admire this young girl for trying to do that.I am, however,a litle bit skeptical because Lil mama is in fact 17 years old and i don't know how long she would like to remain the "voice of the young people." Live,Love,and eat chocolates. I need to got get some chocolate lip gloss!!!!!!!


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