Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bow wow Outta My System-Saucy's Review

First Thought That Comes To Mind:A love song to Ciara,no doubt

Video Review:
This video is great in that it goes very well with the lyrics of the song. Everything from Bow Wow's car to singer T-pain fits well with the song. I give kudos to Bow wow for trying with this Outta My System Video . His emotions come through as he raps and we definitely see that in the video. It's okay Bow wow,if not for Ciara, you wouldn't have this great love song.

Song Review:What can I say? Bow wow's Outta My System lyrics are right on point. They are lyrics that come straight from the heart. His rapping style to me reminds me of an old school LL Cool J and T-pain adds flavor to this already sad love song. "Got get you out of my system." Yeah, bow wow,you said it.
Rating: Overall a good song and a good video. 4 Hershey

For those of us who have experienced the demise of a relationship, this song hits right home. It makes you reminisce about your ex-love. Bow wow's love song to singer Ciara makes you realize that loosing a loved one is tough for even celebrities. So my advice is that you should follow their example and just bounce back and do what you have to do to make your life fulfilling.Live,Definitely Love, and Eat chocolates.


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