Saturday, May 05, 2007

A HOT CHOCOLATE MESS!!!Hottie My Man, My Mansion, My Money-Saucy's Review

(click on link above to listen to My Man,My Mansion,My Money)

A hottie mess!!!! You guys didn't think i was going to review this clip,did you? I think the song and clip speaks for itself,don't you?Hottie a.k.a Schatar Sapphira Taylor debuts her single My Man,My Mansion,My Money and it is a hot mess as predicted! The singer? actress? model(lol)? if you remember, first appeared to us on the "Flavor of Love" reality show. The video clip above says all that i need to say. You can listen to the song "My Man, MY Mansion, My Money above(just click on "A HOT CHOCOLATE MESS" LINK). A hot chocolate mess!!!



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