Monday, September 24, 2007


The first Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands celebrated her 41st birthday with a bang! She invited a few of her celebrity friends to celebrate with her on September 23rd.
You have waited long enough;here are the pictures from Lisa Raye's birthday bash.

Lisa Raye is not 40 years old as many of you will mistaken with this banner. She had her birthday bash at STUDIO 40 in Beverly Hills.Lisa Raye looks good
Such a cute couple!Lisa Raye with husband Michael Misick
Am I the only one who thinks that this cake looks a bit tacky,as tacky as some of her guests looked?

Kym Whitley showed up. Lovely dimples-notice how i didn't say anything about her hair and makeup?

Da Brat,nice braids-notice how i didn't mention her outfit?Duane Martin and wife Tisha CampbellHmm..Tisha,I like your lipstick-notice how i didn't say anything about the make up?

Teena Marie,nice....nice..glasses. They go nicely with your hair.

Yeah...nice glasses.
Mo'nique,nice bag.
Goldie Brooks,i like your pose.
Nicole Murphy looks nice,right guys?There just something that i don't like about the fabric but other than that,she looks good.

Nicole Murphy,your body has got it going on,the parts that are yours anyway.


  1. looks like all Brats hard work on celebrity fit club hasn't lasted. And Tisha Campbell looks horrible about the face...plastic surgery isn't for everybody-


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